Our Computer Expert Krista Mae Rectra is putting the final touches on the updated version of AusMap!

It’s going to be ready for release very soon, but in the meantime here’s what you need to know:

1. I don’t know anything about it. Or how it works. Or what it does. But Monika Balicki & Blake Boulton do, and they’re kinda experts in this field, so trust them, not me.

2. They told me to tell you that the updated version works with both the long term release of QGIS (version 3.4) and the latest release (version 3.6)

3. Now for the cool part: The updated version contains new features including the ability to import AusMap layers by typing in keywords in QGIS’ search window in the bottom left corner and for the user to extend AusMap by importing their own layers with several file types supported. One of the supported files is QGIS’ layer definition file (*.qlr) allowing the user to easily change the symbology of layers.

So what i fiiiiiiiiigure is that this is gonna make flood modellers lives a whole more easier!! #yourewelcome

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