Approach and Outcomes

The focuses of the sessions were:

  • Running an expanded demonstration covering QGIS layout, basic editing and processing tools, and workflow;
  • Demonstrating the expanded use of Plugins, including the TUFLOW plugin for model setups as well as Crayfish for results viewing;
  • Create a QGIS template mapping template following Councils style guide, and demonstrate their use and how to effectively create sets of maps using QGIS;
  • Instructing on how to import Councils existing MapInfo base TUFLOW models into QGIS, and convert them to the native shapefile format;
  • Demonstrate the process of setting up a new TUFLOW project using QGIS, including setting up a sample drainage network from council assets databases; and
  • Creating this short summary document outlining all of the above processes and workflows.

The Challenge

Ipswich City Council (Council) commissioned Water Modelling Solutions (WMS) to facilitate a series of short training sessions at Council, on the QGIS software package and its implementation and workflow within floodplain management.

Technologies Involved

Ipswich City Council

Technologies Involved
  • QGIS

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