The Challenge

In 2014, Toowoomba Regional Council successfully completed 42 flood studies for 35 locations. In 2015, multiple community consultation events were held as part of ongoing flood risk planning project work. At these events, the community was encouraged to submit flood evidence to Council. The objective of this project was to review the submitted flood evidence to determine if it would change the outcomes of the flood studies.

Approach and Outcomes

A database containing all available flood evidence (photos, videos, notes and other digital files) was developed. Flood maps (in A0 format) marked up by the community at the consultation events were also scanned, digitised and included in the database. For each individual data item, a quality code (excellent/good/poor) was specified based on reliability in terms of spatial and vertical accuracy and timeline. Following the classification of available flood data, identifiable data was loaded to GIS and compared with the hydraulic model results. Inconsistencies between the recently acquired flood evidence and the modelling outputs were identified, mapped and reported on. The project yielded several key recommendations including to revise the study of East Greenmount.