The Challenge

Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) covers approximately 13,000 km2. Across the region, flooding varies immensely from flash flooding in Toowoomba City to widespread, extended duration flooding along the Condamine River. In January 2011, the region experienced the worst flooding in its history.
Prior to 2008, the region was administered by eight separate local government authorities. Following amalgamation, the TRC was working towards updating and standardising the flood studies across the region. However, along with most of the state, the TRC area was hit by widespread flooding in the 2010/2011 wet season including the devastating flash flooding in Toowoomba City and the ‘Toowoomba Region Floodplain Management: Safer, Stronger, More Resilient Region’ program was significantly accelerated.

Approach and Outcomes

WMS provided in-house modelling advice and assistance for about two years. During this time, WMS assisted with the project management of over 40 flood studies, completed two flood studies, trained internal staff in the application of hydrologic and hydraulic models and lead the preparation of two successful funding applications. An excerpt from Floodplain Management Association’s media release, dated 25/02/2015, has been included below.
“TRC has invested over $1 million in completing the project and while the majority of work was executed with the assistance of specialist consultants, a number of studies were successfully achieved by Council’s own staff. I have never seen so many flood studies finalised in such a relatively short period of time and full credit must go to TRC for the completion of this complex endeavour. A highly commendable aspect of the project is the in-house expertise which Council has developed as a result of undertaking these studies and that will stay with Council into the future.”
In 2018,Toowoomba Regional Council won the FMA NRMA Insurance Excellence Award with the project recognised as one of the largest bodies of flood risk management studies undertaken by a local government in Australia.