Through our attendance at conferences and significant investment in R&D we are staying abreast of the latest modelling techniques and guidelines including ARR 2016. Our team is ready to undertake your hydrology modelling needs.
Drainage Assessments
We undertake drainage network modelling for planning, design and asset management.
Water Quality
Whether it is modelling of chemical or ecological processes in a water body, assessment of sedimentation rates or optimisation of mine water discharge to the receiving environment, we can help.
Our team has a strong background in 1D, 2D and 1D/2D hydraulic modelling. We have licenses for both TUFLOW and MIKE software and experience with HEC-RAS 2D. See our Portfolio for examples showing where we have applied the latest GPU and HPC modelling techniques.
Flood Early Warning
We have a strong interest in flood early warning systems and experience assisting with the development of these systems. See our Portfolio for more information.
Low Cost Gauging
Our team has experience in benchmarking low cost gauging against traditional technology. We offer a range of low cost gauging solutions and can also assist with online data storage, viewing and processing. The gauges are battery and/or solar powered with data transferred via the Telstra 3G network. Contact us to find out more.
Floodplain Management
On a day to day basis we are undertaking Flood Studies, Flood Impacts Assessments, Overland Flowpath Mapping and testing of Concept Designs. We are also regularly providing input to Floodplain Risk Management Studies and Plans, Detailed Design, Dam Break Assessments and more.
Post Flood Data Collection
Be it immediately after a specific event, or years later, we understand the importance of all types of flood related data. We know what data to collect and how to extract the most value from it.
Custom Software
To complete our own projects in the most efficient way possible we are regularly customising existing tools and creating tools of our own. Contact us to discuss your software customisation needs.
Using our own tools, or in conjunction with our graphic design partners, we can translate complex concepts and processes into formats suitable for public consumption.

Our Clients

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