Getting Started

AusMap is a QGIS plugin that can be installed from the plugin manager within QGIS. Once installed, the AusMap menu can be found in the menu bar. Select a layer from the menu to add it to your QGIS canvas. As all of the layers are provided as web services, the load time will depend on your internet connection speed, and the total extent of the data you are loading. If you don’t see anything at first, try zooming in to a specific area and wait for the layer to load. Each of the layers come into QGIS pre-styled, but the users can interact with them and change the styling as they wish.

More layers are being added to AusMap regularly. If you have a web service you would like included in AusMap please contact us at


Proudly maintained by Water Modelling Solutions, AusMap is the essential plugin for Australian QGIS users. AusMap gives quick access to a variety of feature sets and basemap layers provided by Geoscience Australia and other providers. The layers are provided via WMS, WFS, WCS and Tile Server which all require an active internet connection. This plugin is based on the Kortforsyningen plugin by Septima.

codeCode Repository
bug_reportBug Tracker

AusMap is available for download via the QGIS Plugin Manager and the QGIS Plugin Website.

If you would like to receive updates on AusMap please take a minute to fill out the contact form below.

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Code Repository

AusMap is an open source project. You can download the code and make contributions via the GitHub code repository.

Bug Tracker

Any bugs and errors can be reported via the GitHub bug tracker.