It’s FriYAY and only 1 hour till the weekend! So good news is coming ——-

It’s here. Its happened. Water Modelling Solutions Pty Ltd is taking over Melbourne!

Our new Melbourne office is in a great location – we’re in the World Trade Centre in Docklands.

This is how cool it is #not #bragging #but:

• The building has its own postcode

• We are on the banks of the Yarra with a view of the Yarra and Port Philip Bay from our office window

• The building is also head office for Victorian Police including the fingerprint facility, recruitment centre, police museum, everything. Downstairs is swarming with police all the time!

They’ll need all the help they can get to weed out the suspicious looking riffraff upstairs! Blake Boulton, Julian Skipworth, I’m looking at you!

#ifyouhadbeenthere #ifyouhadseenit #ibetchayouwouldhavedonethesame#WMStakeovertheworld #melbourne