EOFY on Gauges!

So, its almost end of financial year (Eeeek!) – and we’re having a clearance sale on our gauge testing stock.

You wanna buy stuff for tax write off; we wanna get rid of stuff and – BONUS – If you were interested in our technology, here’s your chance to test it at a reduced cost and have it delivered immediately. WIN-WIN-WIN!

We have up for grabs:

– Two continuous water level gauges

– One single water level alarm

– Two pluviographs

With the risk of sounding like a television commercial, DONT WAIT CALL NOW and speak to Eoghain O’Hanlon on 0402 215 305. We’re also happy to do further discounts for multiple purchases (no free steak knifes included, sorry. Also no Blake Boulton’s, just the gauges).

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