Never thought i’d be doing a post about the good ol’ days of site visits…but here we are.
Let’s reminisce. Back only a few long years ago in March 2020, Victorians could go on site and see alternative uses for shopping trolleys.
I’m sure you’re familiar with the picture of Kylee out at Maryborough (I posted it in early March #preCOVID), but the photos we didn’t put up at the time were the culvert blockages in action, the 15 minutes of fame for the humble shopping trolley.
I’m sure there’s a troll joke in there somewhere (he ate the person who went over the bridge because they forgot his groceries), but surprisingly, it’s probably not the weirdest place you’ve seen a shopping trolley; just one that’s a hindrance to water drainage and flood control #notgood.
Take care of our people and take care of our environment – it’s the only one we’ve got.
#COVID-19 #environment #cleanupthewaterways