Mini NSW Reno!!

Beat the lockdown blues with a mini renovation of our Sydney kitchenette!!

As Catherine Walker heads into her 5th month of the not-so-new role as NSW Regional Manager at Water Modelling Solutions, she says:

“One thing I’ve loved about the job so far are all the different hats I get to wear- Marketing, BD, Bid Writer, Project Engineer, Peer Reviewer and HR, all in one week and no two weeks the same!

One hat I wasn’t expecting to wear was ‘head of office renovations’, but I’ve had so much fun giving our kitchenette a little makeover during lockdown. The best bit was that with the generosity of Marrickville locals we were able to use up donated leftover paint and loaned equipment, minimising waste and avoiding any trips to Bunnings.

With the end of lockdown in sight I’m looking forward to adding ‘office manager’ and ‘head of pot plant acquisition’ to my hat collection next!”