Project: Sunshine Coast Extreme Flood Hazard Mapping

Client: Sunshine Coast Regional Council (SCRC)

Location: Sunshine Coast

Scope: Update extreme flood hazard modelling for Noosa River, Paynter Creek, Petrie Creek and Eudlo Creek

Project impact: Modelling was used to create hazard maps and for SCRC’s Disaster Hub

The Challenge

To assess their residual risk above the floor planning level, Sunshine Coast Regional Council (SCRC) required floodplain hazard mapping for events larger than the 1 in 100 year ARI. The areas of interest included; Noosa River, Paynter Creek, Petrie Creek and Eudlo Creek. Previously hazard mapping had only been produced for events up to the 1 in 100 year ARI.

Approach and Outcomes

WMS updated existing RAFTS and MIKE 11 models to remove instabilities and reflect present day modelling techniques. WMS then ran the RAFTS models with the parameters provided by SCRC. The flows generated by the RAFTS models were used as input in the MIKE 11 model.
The model setup and result files were handed over to SCRC along with a short report detailing the process undertaken to complete the project as well as some recommendations. WMS was able to provide updated models to SCRC that can be utilised in future projects as well as provide outputs for SCRC to develop hazard maps for events greater than 1 in 100 year ARI. This will allow SCRC to better understand and manage the extreme flood risk for the Sunshine Coast community.
The flood modelling undertaken by WMS was used to inform SCRC’s Disaster Hub.