Peakvale Road, Clermont QLD, Australia

Design of Drummond Creek Floodway

A new floodway design improving flood immunity whilst maintaining design speed requirements

Hydrologic and hydraulic modelling and flood impact assessment to inform a new floodway design
Final design of the upgraded Drummond Creek crossing including drawings, bill of quantities and cost estimate to enable Council to solicit bids for project construction

WMS, in collaboration with icubed consulting, was engaged by Isaac Regional Council to undertake the hydrologic and hydraulic analysis and design of the Drummond Creek floodway crossing upgrade.

The existing crossing was inundated and impassable several times a year. Two preliminary design options were developed to provide immunity for the 63.2% and 10% AEP events. Following the hydrologic and hydraulic assessment of the two preliminary design options and discussions with Council, the preferred design option for the Drummond Creek crossing upgrade was chosen. The final design for this option was however modified from the preliminary design with changes made to the width, alignment, crossfall and batters to ensure that the proposed roadworks will cater for the requirements of a 90 km/hr design speed environment.  The aim was to minimise the extent of these works while ensuring that the design speed was achieved.

Several iterations of the design were tested, with model results used to inform the design process. Final design mapping and drawings as well as details on the scour assessment, proposed scour protection and flood impact assessment for the final design were provided. The bill of quantities and a detailed cost estimate to enable Council to solicit bids for project construction was also delivered as part of the project. 

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