Water Resources

Careful management of the world's water resources is vital to our future. The continued health of this resource requires meticulous analysis, planning and oversight. WMS brings a focus on accurately determining the availability of water resources and finding ways to sustainably use and effectively manage these resources by providing services to public and private sector clients including local and state governments.

With experience working alongside nationwide water custodians in Victoria, New South Wales and the Murray Darling Basin, WMS provides the technical and commercial expertise required to effectively model, manage and sustainably utilise water resources. Our services include:

  • Surface water modelling: Data analysis, computer modelling, feasibility, design, and watershed studies
  • River system modelling: Reservoir and river operations, encompassing low to high flow events, salt loads and system optimisation with eWater Source, REALM and IQQM
  • Streamlining of different modelling procedures
  • Rainfall-runoff modelling, water resources yield analysis, catchment, and watershed analysis
  • Environmental impact assessments: Climate change and adaptation strategies, exposure analysis and vulnerability assessments
  • Agricultural engineering: Irrigation demand modelling, consumptive water analysis, water transfer plans and pollution mitigation plans
  • Salinity management: Salinity impact assessments on local and regional scale, erosion risk analysis, nutrient fate, and pollutant export modelling
  • Natural resources management: Water storages design, water balance studies, sustainable resource development
  • Bulk entitlement amendments: Amendments to monitoring and assessment programs