AusMap is available from QGIS’ Official Plugin Repository and is now supported in the long-term release of QGIS (version 3.4) and version 3.6.

New Features
  • Ability to import AusMap layers by typing in keywords in QGIS’ search window in the bottom left corner; and
  • Ability to extend AusMap by importing your own layers with several file types supported.
Layers Supported
  • Arc ASCII Grid (*.asc);
  • ESRI Shapefile (*.shp);
  • GeoTIFF (*.tif, *.tiff);
  • JPEG JFIF (*.jpg, *.jpeg);
  • KML – Keyhole Markup Language (*.kml);
  • Mapinfo Files (*.mif, *.tab);
  • Portable Network Graphics (*.png); and
  • Qlr (*.qlr).
To install, start QGIS and search for ‘AusMap’ in the Plugin Repository.
Once installed, a new menu will be added called AusMap. Upon selection of a layer in the AusMap menu, it will be added to the layer panel.
AusMap layers are also searchable and possible to add from the locator in the lower left corner (new feature in QGIS 3).
You can also add your own layers to the AusMap menu.