World Water Monitoring Day

So, today is World Water Monitoring Day. It’s kinda important – every species of life on earth requires water in some shape or form. This day was started in 2003 and has over 100 countries taking part – because everyone deserves to have access to clean water, now and in the future.

“The water we depend on every day is a precious resource that deserves our attention and protection. We can’t afford to take our streams, rivers and watersheds for granted – we can all play a role in conserving and improving the health of the natural water resources that feed our communities and the EarthEcho Water Challenge helps anyone be part of the solution.” – EarthEcho International Founder Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

Get involved! Order water test kits and report your results on the EarthEcho Water Challenge website. The more we know about the state of the water, the more we can do to make it better.